•    What is an escape/puzzle room?

    Escape games are for individuals, families, friends and colleagues. The premise of the adventure is that a team is “locked in” a themed room with only 60 minutes to “escape”. Teams must work together in search of hidden objects, hints, codes, riddles and puzzles to solve an assortment of challenges that reveal keys or combinations to various locks throughout the room.

    A “Hint Master” monitors the entire game and may offer a clue if a team is really having difficulty. Ultimately, trying to “escape” before the countdown clock expires.

    Hint Hunter is a perfect activity for date nights, proposals, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate team building events and anyone else looking for something fun to do. It is an excellent alternative to the same old “Movie Night”.

  •    Are we really locked in?

    No, definitely not! While the phrase, "escape Room" may imply that you have to solve the puzzles to get out, our games focus on completing several objectives with the ultimate goal of completing the story.

    You and your teammates are free to leave the room at any time you wish, although we recommend that you stay inside the room until you complete it to enhance your experience.

    If you're still in the room after the timer has expired, we'll also help you out of there.

  •    How long does the experience take?

    We recommend that groups arrive no later than 15 minutes before their allocated time slot. Before each game you'll have a short briefing session covering some basic rules and an introduction to the story.

    Depending on the escape room that you select, the game itself will last either 30 minutes or 60 minutes.  We also encourage you to hang around after your game to discuss how it went and take some (hopefully post-victory) photos.

  •    Will my group be put in the room with other people?

    Unless you purchase all the tickets for the time slot you prefer, there is a possibility that will be joined by additional players.

  •    Can I have the room for just my group?

    If you wish to have the room for your group only during one of our regularly-scheduled game times, you must purchase an entire block of all tickets for the date/time you wish to attend.

    You do not need to have the maximum number of participants, however you do need to pay the price
    for a full room.

  •    How much does it cost?

    Hint Hunter's 60 minute puzzle rooms cost $25 per person. The 30 minute rooms cost $15 per person.

    We're often running seasonal promotions so keep an eye on our Facebook page.

    Military personnel and first responders who book with the promo code benefit from a 15% discount.

  •    Is it scary?

    Nope. An escape adventure is exhilarating and exciting but not scary.

  •    Do I need a reservation to participate?

    Yes, a reservation is necessary, and you can book online easily! Just click the 'Book Now' button.

  •    Do I need to bring anything along?

    You don't need to bring anything except for yourselves and your wits. We will have lockers for you to store any valuables and bags while you play your game.

  •    Can I bring a camera or cell phone into the room?

    No. All personal belongings should be stored in our secure lockers before entering the room. Disregard for this rule will cause the Hint Master to end the game immediately.

  •    Can I bring my baby?

    Although we're sure your baby is exceptionally quiet and well-behaved, we cannot allow babies in the rooms as they could interfere with others' enjoyment of the game.

    The only exception would be if you're booking the entire room for you and your friends only, and they're all aware that you'll be bringing a baby.

  •    Do you accommodate special events or parties?

    If you would like Hint Hunter to host your birthday, anniversary, bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate event or other special occasion, please call or email us.

    You can reserve during our regular business hours or book a specific time outside our regular business hours (Private Party rates apply).

  •    Do I need to wear anything special?

    You can leave your prom gown and tux at home. Wear anything you are comfortable in, but the most activity you will be engaging in may be squatting down or getting on your knees to look under or to get a closer look at something. If you wear reading glasses or corrective lens, it might be advisable to bring them.

  •    What happens if I arrive late?

    Your game begins precisely at the time you reserved. You will not be allowed to participate after the game has begun. There are no refunds or rescheduling for a late arrival.

  •    Can children participate?

    All Players 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent (legal guardian) or adult chaperone. Participants (17 and under) that are a guest of a chaperone must have a signed note from one of the participant’s parents (or legal guardians) that includes a contact number.

    Our recommended minimum age is 12, but this is only our recommendation.

  •    How much physical activity is involved?

    The rooms are primarily designed so you can think your way out; however, you will be required to move around the room and possibly move items into place. Don't worry, it's nothing too strenuous (although sometimes things get quite tense in there!).

  •    What is your cancellation policy?

    Customers will receive a full refund with at least 24 hours notice of cancellation. Contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about a cancellation. No-shows or same day cancellations will be charged the full price.

  •    How long does it take to get a refund?

    Refunds can take up to 30 days to receive, depending on your bank.

Located in Mississippi. Near to Biloxi, Gulport, Hattiesburg, New Orleans, Jackson.



Hint Hunter Puzzle Rooms in D'Iberville, MS offers a fun and exciting experience like no other.  Together with your friends, your adventure begins in a specially themed room where you need to solve a series of puzzles - using only the items and hints provided in the room. Depending on the chosen escape room, there are only 30 or 60 minutes to progress through the storyline and find your way out!

Hint Hunter Escape Rooms, is the place for fun adventure. Youth, the young at heart, and thrill seekers will enjoy every minute!
Hint Hunter Escape Rooms are great for hanging out with friends and bonding with your family
Plan your next team-building activity with Hint Hunter Escape Rooms. A great alternative for company events!
If you're from out of town, don't leave it without first making an unforgettable memory at Hint Hunter Puzzle Rooms!

Gamers & Enthusiasts

There is no pause button or re-spawning.  Put down your controllers, turn off your computer, and try our high level games that will challenge the most hardcore gamers.

Can you set the record?

Companies & Events

A unique team building opportunity.

Challenge your group to use their mental abilities and observational
skills collectively as they attempt to withstand the pressure of time slowly ticking away.

Tourists & Visitors

What better way to complement your trip to Mississippi than to experience one of our puzzle rooms.

Hint Hunter will challenge your logic and wit and, at the same time, provide you with fun  and adventure.

Family & Friends

Take a break from the norm and enjoy a unique immersive experience with your friends and family.

You'll have to combine skills to solve puzzles and find hints to get out in under 60 minutes.

Step by step instructions on how our puzzle rooms work

Book one of our exciting puzzle rooms for your preferred time and date.

4. Solve the Puzzles

Use the hints you discover to solve puzzles throughout the room.

3. Search for Hints

6. Spread the Word

2. Start the Timer

5. Escape the Room

Solve the mystery and exit the room as champions!

1. Book a Room

After entering the room, you will have 60 minutes to solve the mystery and get out.

Scour the room for hints and

clues, but be careful not to

break anything.

Don’t forget to tell everyone

about the amazing experience

you had at Hint Hunter, MS.

Directions to Hint Hunter Puzzle Rooms Mississippi
At the town clock (where Central and Diberville Avenues meet), turn between the Autozone and the Veterinary Hospital.  Find Hint Hunter Puzzle Rooms in Suite B, behind the Veterinary Hospital.

The face of live-action entertainment

Operating Hours





1pm – 11pm

1pm – 11pm

1pm – 11pm

1pm – 11pm

Mon-Wed:  By special arrangement only. Large Groups including birthday parties and team-building. Limited times available. Please call for more information.

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Safety Guidelines and Regulations

Hint Hunter game rooms are created to bring you into another dimension. Bewilderment, shock and fear factors may be part of the game in the form of music, graphics as well as the overall atmosphere of the place. Take a minute and read the safety regulations carefully.

  1. Players who are pregnant, elderly or have any underlying heart and breathing problems are recommended not to join the game rooms.
  2. Players showing signs including but not limited to excessive coughing, excessive sneezing and fever are not allowed to enter the game rooms due to health guidelines to prevent the spread of germs.
  3. Players that smell of alcohol or have obviously been drinking prior to arrival will not be allowed to play the game and will forfeit their entrance fee.
  4. Players are recommended not to wear any form of clothing, shoes or accessories that will hinder movement and result in accidental injury. Items include but are not limited to: Heels, spiked shoes, ultra baggy jeans, miniskirts, and other accessories.
  5. Players are forbidden to bring explosive, flammable or sharp items including but not limited to: Lighters, knives, pen knives, and toxic chemicals.
  6. Players are not to curse/swear at or cause any harm to the staff of Hint Hunter or fellow players.

Hint Hunter reserves the right to prevent entry or stop the game at any point in time if safety regulations are compromised.

Game Guidelines and Regulations

  1. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking time in order for our staff to brief you before your game begins.  There will be no time extension if you are late for your slot.
  2. All Players 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent (legal guardian) or adult chaperone. Participants (17 and under) that are a guest of a chaperone must have a signed note from one of the participant’s parents (or legal guardians) that includes a contact number.
  3. Player's belongings must be put in our lockers for safe keeping before entering the game. This includes but not limited to: mobile phones, bags, keys, calculators, flashlights, stationery and night vision goggles.
  4. Players are not to damage or vandalize items within the premises. This includes but not limited to: Locks, furniture, game items and accessories. Players are liable to bear the cost of intentional damage.
  5. In an emergency you may leave the room using the unlocked door knob.

Hint Hunter reserves the right to stop the game at any point in time if game guidelines and regulations are breached.

60 Minute Rooms

For groups of 2 and more

2+ = $25p.p.

30 Minute Rooms

For 2 persons only

2 = $15p.p.


We support our troops! Book with the promo code and receive an upfront 15% discount!

Please use promo code HHHeroes when booking to receive a 15% discount.
Military ID or ID badge required upon arrival.




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We support our troops! Book with the promo code and receive an upfront 15% discount!